Currently, we are the only Mexican manufacturer of HVLS fans, being recognized thanks to the quality and efficiency of our products with the Jalisco Export Award in 2014, which is the recognition granted by the Government of Jalisco to companies and institutions distinguished by their contribution to spread internationally the excellence and competitiveness of the exportable offer of the Entity and at the same time, to root a solid export culture in the State of Jalisco
Megaventilation S.A. of C.V. In the search for continuous improvement of its processes and concerned about giving the best ventilation service to its customers, in 2016 it achieves ISO 9001-2015 certification which ensures that all the activities of development, production and commercialization of HVLS equipment is implemented effectively and efficiently.
Every day we work with dedication and determination to reach new horizons that allow our customers to have the confidence that the products they purchase will have the highest safety in their operation, so in 2019 they were able to obtain certification in the UL 507 standard.
With this Megaventilación S.A. of C.V. meets the requirements of the most important international standards in the industry, which allows you to achieve greater efficiency of the company’s processes and, at the same time, maintain competitive quality levels that allow you not only to conserve, but to expand your markets world